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  • Thursday 28 July 2016
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    Welcome to the project Innovatial

    2009 : the project is now finished, see the results

    This web site is dedicated to the INNOVATIAL project, which is supported by the European Commission through the Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Development at a level of 8589k€ (out of a total budget of 12 882 k€)
    The INNOVATIAL project addresses the area “Nanotechnologies and nano-sciences, knowledge-based multifunctional materials and new production processes and devices”.

    Sometimes, technical progress strongly relies on contributions which are completely unexpected at a first glance. For example, people are fascinated by the superb Airbus A380 airplane, particularly due to its gigantic size, its passenger capacity and its comfort. However, taking a closer look, it becomes evident that materials and manufacturing techniques are the real “miracles” that are covered behind this new aircraft. Novel materials, such as composites and new metallic materials, their fabrication technologies and innovative parts production technologies contribute largely to the success of the enormous engineering challenge of a megaliner aircraft.



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